Face Mask: 2020 Fashion Statement

The face mask is the new 2020 fashion statement in case you did not know! 😉  It is important to wear one especially when you know it will be harder to be 2m apart (i.e. Grocery store, any doctor visits, public transport, etc).

But here is the issue: the glasses keep steaming up from the face mask!! This can be very annoying and we 100% feel you! Here are some tips to help:

  • Improve the fit of your mask! Make sure the mask molds to your nose and cheeks. Get a mask with a metal nose adjuster along the top of the mask or add a pipe cleaner into your homemade mask to create the seal.
  • Pull your mask up! Pull the mask slightly higher on your face and use the weight of your glasses to sit on top to block the air flowing from the top of the mask. THIS WORKS FOR LARGER AND THICKER FRAMES.
  • Add a tissue!  Add some tissue under the mask across the top of the mask to create somewhat of a seal.
  • Tape your mask! Add tape across the bridge of your nose and cheeks to seal off the top (can use adhesive, medical, athletic tape, JUST NOT DUCT TAPE! OUCH!
  • Using anti-fog wipe or spray! This is an $$ option. Also these products may not be as effective on lenses that have certain coatings (anti-glare, anti-smudge) or read the packaging carefully!
  • Wash your lenses!  Wash with soap and rinse with WARM water (not hot or cold!) then use a microfibre cloth or air dry. The soap residue leaves a thin film on your lenses that helps prevent fog.  Some suggest using shaving cream/baby shampoo/toothpaste – these also leave a thin film on the lenses but don’t last too long.

Whichever method you use to help with that unwanted fog, it is most important to touch the mask with CLEAN HANDS ONLY! Thoroughly wash your hands for 20 secs before putting on or removing the mask.