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Comprehensive Eye Exams

Adults from the ages of 20-64, should have a regular eye exam at least every 2 years. A complete eye exam includes a vision check as well as ocular health check. The ocular health check will screen for not only eye related conditions, but also for health related diseases such as; high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, Multiple sclerosis, brain tumours, rheumatoid arthritis and many other conditions.

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Driver's License Assessment

Before you start learning to drive, it is very important to have an eye exam to check if you require visual correction. Good vision is important for safe driving. At the age of 80 years old, a driver’s license must be renewed every 2 years in Ontario. At Empire Eyewear we can perform extra testing to ensure safe and adequate driving standards are met for obtaining and renewing your license.

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Children’s Eye Exams

During a child’s eye exam, special attention is given to how the eye and brain coordination are functioning together. Lazy eye, eye turns, or other visual problems are signs that a child’s vision is being compromised. Since 80% of learning happens through eyesight, it is important to bring them for eye checkup as early as 6 months of age and yearly after that.

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Ocular Emergencies

If you experience any type of sudden vision loss, flashes of light with floaters, painful red eyes or any other issues that you are concerned with please contact us right away so we can guide you accordingly.

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Contact Lens Fits & Assessments

We offer spherical, astigmatism correcting, multifocal and colour contacts. There are different modalities of wear, such as daily, biweekly and monthly lenses. We also teach you how to insert, remove and how to take care of your contact lenses. At Empire Eyewear we will help you to pick the best suited contact lenses for your eyes.

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Plaquenil Eye Exams

Hydroxychloroquine (plaquenil) is a medication used to treat many autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis. In high doses or when taken for a long time, this medication can cause damage to the back of the eye, known as retinal toxicity, causing visual disturbances. Patients taking this medication should have an eye exam with visual fields screening done annually.

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Visual Fields Testing

A visual fields test helps to measure the function of your central and peripheral vision. It aids in diagnosing many conditions such as glaucoma and brain tumours. This test is also performed before you can obtain/renew your driver’s license. Here at Empire Eyewear, we offer visual fields testing to all our patients.

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Laser Eye Surgery Consultation/ Assessment

Here at Empire Eyewear, all our Doctors are trained to assess pre-operative and post-operative laser care. We are affiliated with different laser centres all over GTA. Our own staff have also undergone laser treatment and are happy to guide you through this exciting and life changing experience.

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Retinal Photography

At Empire Eyewear we are able to take a photo of the back of your eyes. This is a simple and easy process that helps with diagnosing and monitoring ocular health conditions. Our Doctors will discuss your photos with you in greater detail at your visit.

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Diabetic Eye Exams

Uncontrolled Diabetes can change your vision and cause the blood vessels in the back of your eyes to bleed. This can eventually lead to permanent vision loss. All diabetics should have a dilated eye exam annually to assess for any changes in their eye health.

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Vocational Tests

Many occupations rely on optimal vision for safety purposes. Here at Empire Eyewear, we are experienced in assessing visual standards for different occupations: Police force, RCMP, OPP, firefighters, electricians, chemists, bus drivers, truck drivers, train conductors, railway engineers and many other occupations.

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Seniors Eye Exams

As we age, we are more vulnerable to conditions such as; cataract, macular degeneration and glaucoma. It is well documented that poor visual function is linked to an increase risk of falls and worsening of dementia. Seniors (age 65+) should have an eye exam at least once a year or more as recommended by the eye doctor to continually assess visual function.